What’s Everyone Scared of? Demystifying Common Core

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In time for Halloween, a panel attempted to assuage fears of Common Core. Superintendent McKersie said, “We’re in a political tussle. It’s Democracy. It’s healthy.” He described Common Core as state-of-the-art and the District’s embrace of its standards as “full steam ahead.”
Myths debunked: Common Core is not a test. It is not curriculum. It is a set of standards. Continue Reading →

Oberlander: “I am a fiscally responsible professional who cares about her community.”

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To the Editor:

It has been a privilege for me to meet so many fellow Greenwich residents in the 150th District. I have spent time speaking with business owners, commuters, seniors, students, parents, and the many professionals and volunteers who make valuable contributions to our community in areas varying from transportation to social and youth services, conservation and our school system. For those I haven’t met, I appreciate this opportunity to explain why I am running and where I stand on the issues. When people ask me why they should vote for me, my answer is simple: I have the qualities that will make a real difference for Greenwich in Hartford:

* I have the right experience. My legal training, professional background, public service and board participation have prepared me to be an effective representative. Continue Reading →